Thursday, January 19, 2012


While browsing through the new SELF magazine yesterday, I came across this article called DETOX YOUR DIET. It's a bunch of recipes and a workout plan (created by Jillian Michaels). While I'm obviously not trying to lose weight I did want to check out the recipes! YUM!
Before the recipes there's a section talking about 5 FOOD ADDITIVES that can contribute to weight gain and extra fat sticking to your hips. I was curious because I thought hmmm if these additives aid in fat storage and weight gain, surely they aren't good for an average person!

Our family is going to work on avoiding these foods for the sake of ourselves and our baby on the way!


*Aspartame, Saccharin, Sucralose--all artificial sweeteners, and aspartame and saccharin may also lead to cancer, ICK!
We are going to instead replace these with honey or maple syrup, but we're really not too big on extra sweeteners anyways. I used to get bad stomachaches when I ingested this stuff (before pregnancy). Fructose is also pretty bad too (when it's not in the natural form of fruit). So that means Agave syrup is also out. Whenever we get a craving for something sweet we're gonna try to stick to fruit, it's natural after all!
*Iron--overdoing it is the big concern. Really only need 18 milligrams per day. Since we don't eat red meat that often and I feel that my prenatal vitamins give me a good amount I think this isn't a big issue for us.
*Monoacylglycerol--yep say that 5 times fast! This stuff binds oil and water in things like baked goods and ice cream. Again, how good is ice cream really for you?

We're going to focus on less processed and more fresh!

The full article is in the JANUARY 2012 issue of SELF magazine. (jillian michaels is on the cover!)

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