Thursday, January 5, 2012


So one of the things I constantly hear women talk about (non-pregnant women) is boob size. I wish mine were bigger, more perky, less perky, smaller, pointed in the same direction (yep, there's chicks out there that have googly eye boobs!). And the most logical option would be to alter your boobs if you're not happy with them right? Well, here's the best natural option if you'd like larger boobs...
Hahaha, okay I'm only being half serious about this, but WOW! When you get pregnant your boobs get enormous! Because I don't feel like buckling down and buying new bras yet I resort to strapping those babies into a regular ole bra every morning. This is a bit of a process as I have to squish em in the right place to ensure I have no nipple shots, but damn I look good! And this is the kind of cleavage women would pay good money for!
So any ladies out there interested in getting a boob job, seriously just get pregnant, you'll have the most voluptuous boobs ever, and they'll also do tricks. They'll leak milk, you'll have nipples the size of silver dollars, man I could go on and on! And daily they will grow to new sizes, you could go to bed a B cup and wake up a D cup, WHO-HOO!
So be natural girls!

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