Sunday, January 8, 2012


I've always been a big water drinker, and during pregnancy I've really upped it. The only downside to the extra water is more frequent peeing. In the middle of the night, while at work, during movies, watching tv, on my daily walks, it's a bit annoying, but due to the growing baby in my tummy pressing on my bladder it's causing pressure which leads to more pee! Here's a funny story of what happened yesterday when my husband noticed my frequent peeing.
Mind you I had already peed about 6 times in less than an hour when this scenario took place.
Me: Hunnie I'm gonna head to the bathroom
Hubby: Again?
Me: Yes darling, remember I swallowed a melon and now it's resting on my bladder.
Hubby: Oh.
Hahahahha it was actually pretty funny, but now my sweet husband gets the idea. So whenever we're in the car and I say drive faster to get home, etc. I need to pee...he floors it!
Maybe later I'll resort to wearing Depends but not yet!

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