Thursday, January 26, 2012


Is anyone else sick of hearing about some pregnant Victoria's Secret super model and how great she looks in heels? Is anyone else sick of hearing about the so and so celebrity who got her body back after 6 weeks? Well if you aren't, sorry but I am!

These people have to maintain their figures, it's their job! I am honestly happy I'm not a celebrity because sometimes I wake up and feel like going out in public in sweats and with pimple cream on my face. Could you imagine if Jessica Simpson did that?!?!?

I just wanted to write this quick post to let all you ladies, pregnant or not know this is a false sense of what real beauty is. Real beauty is a mom who has 3 kids and homeschools all of them, a single mom who is working ridiculous hours to give her kids everything they want, a mom who starts a free walking group to motivate other moms, a mom who prays for her kids daily, a mom who cleans her own house, a mom who cooks her own meals, a mom who spends time praying for her family. Real beauty is each of you ladies out there, pregnant or not, mom or not. We're each created beautiful in our own special way, despite what the world tells us. So if you're having a rough day or you feel ugly or you see a photo of some beautifully photo-shopped woman, just look at yourself in the mirror and know you're beautiful just the way you are!

I've been so excited to share this special time in my pregnancy with so many other women (I've got like 5 pregnant friends right now!). So if you're a mom, or a mom to be or even if you just read this and felt like it, I'd love to see your favorite picture of yourself!

That's my favorite pregnancy pic so was 2 weeks ago at 20 weeks, on the way home from our midwife appointment!

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